Sun Hill Residence

Reconstruction, extension and interior design of a duplex residential house

The duplex residential house, built in the 1970s, has undergone a complete redesign and reconstruction along with having built an extension to the backyard elevation.
Prior to the reconstruction, the living room was facing the street and the kitchen together with the dining room faced the backyard.
We have redesigned the first floor as a central family living place, according to the owner’s conception. The kitchen-dining room took place at the street front and the living room with the glass facade extension connected to the garden.
The bedrooms and the bathrooms have been rebuilt and renovated on the second floor while two children rooms have been created in the attic.

Project Data:
Client: n/a
Status: Completed
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date: 2019
Aera: 250 sqm

Project Team:
Architect and interior designer: Barna D .Kovács
Co-worker: Eszter Tusán
Structural engineer: Dénes Alibán
Building engineer: Géza Porosz
Electrical engineer: Csaba Zentai
Building contractor: PopARCH Kft.
Photo: Tamás Bata